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Pool reshaping can bring new life to your old pool

Your original pool design may have been perfect for you, the previous owner or previous decade, but now it is difficult for you to get in and out of, doesn’t have a comfortable area for you to relax or is even too deep for swimming in comfortably.

Sometimes that feature that was cool two decades ago, just looks daggy and you would like something more contemporary. Call us to have a chat to see how we can improve the pools shape or design to suit you perfectly for this stage of your family’s backyard entertainment.

Common Requests for Redesign include:

Brizy Pool Solutions is your best option for advice and quality concrete pool reshaping or resizing requirements.

In Pool Seating Areas

The most popular feature of a pool are often the seating areas. Adults enjoy kicking back and relaxing in the water and kids love to jump on and off seats. We can add seating areas to you pool as part of your renovation.

Changes to the Pool Entry

Some of our elderly clients find it difficult or even impossible to enter and exit their pool. By adding extra steps and benches to entry areas we have transformed a neglected and barely used pool into a frequently utilised asset.

Reshaping Concrete Pools

It is popular for clients to replace curved walls with straight walls and stepped areas/benches. Some clients decommission old spas that no longer work, have the spa wall removed, and combine the spa as part of the rest of the pool.

Depth Changes

Some clients prefer a more shallow pool end to stand in the water and play with children or grandchildren with ease. A shallower pool also means less water and therefore less chemicals/maintenance and can result in warmer pool water.

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