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Brizy Pool Solutions have been renovating and building pools for over 15 years in the greater Brisbane area.

We will take your tired old pool and transform it into a modern feature to be proud of.

Brizy Pool Solutions specialises in taking your old pool and making it new again. We can re-shape, change depth, re-tile and re-style.

Our clients have a good idea of what they want to achieve from their backyard oasis and we help them achieve their dream of a modern stylish and functional pool.

Thinking about Renovating Your Pool?

Brizy Pool Solutions offer an end to end solution for your concrete pool renovation We don’t just resurface! Discuss your vision of what you want your renovated pool to look like and view our gallery to see if our work meets your expectation. We specialise in:

Pool Reshaping and Restyling

Many older pools have curved walls, attached spas that no longer work, or are too deep or too big to suit our clients needs.

We can change your pools size, shape and depth as well as adding steps and benches.

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Pebble Resurfacing

Our new pool interiors create a modern and durable finish.

Standard pebble - This is our most popular interior. It provides a durable finish and is great value.
Supersmooth pebble - This offers a smoother finish for clients that don’t like the feel of standard pebble.
Glass pebble - This uses glass beads for a smooth finish and gives your pool water some extra sparkle.

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Replacing Waterline Tiles

Waterline tiles are the interior tiles found between the top pavers (coping) and the pool interior. Not every pool has waterline tiles, however their benefit is that they mask stains that can mark pool interiors. A pool with waterline tiles will generally looks cleaner for longer in comparison to one without.

Replacing Coping Pavers

We replace cracked, lifted or drummy pool coping tiles. The most popular options for coping tiles are travertine and granite which provide a modern and extremely durable finish. As part of this work we also re-grout and re-lay silicone joints.

Selecting the look of your new pool

Here is our gallery of surface product colours and popular combinations.

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