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Brizy Pool Solutions have renovated pools for a number of clubs and hotels in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Brizy Pool Solutions specialises in taking your club or hotel pool and making it look new or repairing any structural issues.

Where possible we will match tiles, surface colours, and repair coping tiles.

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A tired looking pool can reflect poorly on the experience you want your guests & residents to have and remember.
Brizy Pool Solutions offer an end to end result for your commercial pool renovation We repair and renovate, including surfaces, tiles, coping, return lines and main drains. Call us to discuss your problems or desires for an update or reno. Review our recent commercial work.

Replacing Coping Tiles

We replace cracked, lifted or drummy pool coping tiles. The most popular options for coping tiles are travertine and granite which provide a modern and extremely durable finish. As part of this work we also re-grout and re-lay silicone joints.

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Pebble Resurfacing

Our new pool interiors create a modern and durable finish, ranging from our popular Standard Pebble to the more exotic look of glass pebble for that extra sparkle

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Replacing Waterline Tiles

Waterline tiles (tile band) may become calcified and faded and need to be replaced. Step/bench highlighter tiles are also a valuable feature in commercial pools as they allow the entry/exit points of the pool to be clearly identified.

Pool Reshaping and Restyling

We can change your pools entry and seating areas by adding steps and benches. It is also becoming popular for clients to decommission an troublesome and high maintenance spa, and change it into a seating feature in the pool.

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