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 Like any problem, the longer you leave it, the worse it will become. As soon as you detect an issue with your concrete pool, give us a call to discuss the options for remediation.

Brizy Pool Solutions have been repairing concrete pools for Brisbane families and businesses for over 15 Years in the Greater Brisbane Area.

The work on your pool will be completed by a qualified pool builder with experience in a wide range of concrete pools and problems. We stand behind our work and will guarantee our repairs.

Repairing Concrete Pools

Brizy Pool Solutions offer an end to end solution for your concrete pool renovation. A pool that has had a good decade of service will generally require some repair to its surfaces, structure and major infrastructure including skimmer boxes, drains and return lines. We will repair and upgrade where required.

Crack & Leak Repairs

Cracks can cause extensive damage to the structural steel work, pool surrounds, and to property nearby, as well in resulting in significant costs due to water loss. We Grind out the area around the crack and repair with a waterproofing agent to treat affected area as required.

Return Line Repairs

Improper back-filling, ground shifting, and expansive soils can lead to return line failure. If pool return lines have failed we can core drill through your pool shell and run new lines back to filter and replace fittings as required.

Skimmer Box Replacement

Pool skimmers are designed to skim floating debris and leaves when they are working properly. If your skimmer box is not working we can remove and replace it as required.

Main Drain Repairs

Main drains are usually located on the lowest point in the pool and most of the dirt and debris at the bottom of the pool will exit through it. If yours is broken and unrepairable we can remove and replace it with a new main drain.

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