Pebble Resurfacing

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Whatever issues you have with  are facing with your concrete  pool pebble surface, Brizy Pool Solutions repair & restore your Pebblecrete to a new condition improving the value and look of your pool

Many homes have Pebblecrete surfaced concrete pools. These pools look stunning and are durable and family friendly. But like all pool elements, they need a certain servicing and repairs in their lifetime.

A pebblecrete pool is made of small pebbles embedded in white, reinforced concrete
Current day Pebblecrete Pools are made using considerably smaller pebbles and their finish is much smoother than similar pools that had been installed over 15 years ago.

Pebble Resurfacing Choices

Brizy Pools Solutions provides a wide range of finishes and colours to suit your backyard paradise or sports zone.

Standard Pebbles

This is our most popular interior. It provides a durable finish and is great value.

Super Smooth Pebbles

This offers a smoother finish for clients that don’t like the feel of standard pebble.

Glass Pebbles

This uses glass beads for a smooth finish and gives your pool water some extra sparkle.

Colour & Finish

Before we resurface, we will investigate repairing the surface you have. Our experts will first look for algae & calcium deposits which can make the pebbles porous. The pool will be acid-washed to make it free of algae and calcium deposits and will check which patches need repairs and where resurfacing should come in.

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